If you’re looking for an IT advantage, maybe you should look at partnering with a managed service provider (MSP). These trusted IT partners work in harmony with your IT department— freeing the internal team to focus on strategic projects that impact your bottom line. MSPs can take over tedious daily tasks, increase your return on investment, shrink operational costs, improve security and safeguard your backups. 

More companies are recognizing the need for MSPs. The Managed Services Market is expected to grow from approx. $107 billion in 2014 to $193 billion by 2019.

If you’re ready to start considering a managed services partner for your organization, then consider these five indicators that the time is now:

#1 You Have No IT Strategy –
Every business needs a long-term IT plan to stay competitive.  Your strategy needs to be more than simply putting out fires and keeping up with the daily, mundane tasks that demand attention. 

Your IT department is filled with top talent that would best be used to promote your business goals.  For instance, you could have your IT department come up with custom-built software solutions to boost productivity or provide data analysis and real-time insights.

Additionally, your in-house IT department is an important line of your cybersecurity defense.  By laying out a clear strategy, the IT department can work closely with those in the C-suite to manage risks and diminish the chances of data loss and security breaches. 

#2 You’re Understaffed –
Basic IT maintenance can sap your IT department’s energy, so it’s essential to make the best use of limited resources. You want your IT staff to have time for strategic endeavors that will propel your business forward. So, leverage the expertise of an MSP—and save your IT staff’s talents for in-house projects. That will lead to more satisfaction for them and greater results for you. 

#3 You Can’t Keep Up with Security Demands
Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity threats can be a full-time job – the average cost of a breach at $3.6 million; who wants that? An MSP specializing in cybersecurity can implement innovative policies to safeguard your business. This includes 24/7 management and monitoring to protect your data from breaches. With an MSP, you’ll have access to the latest anti-virus software, patching will happen automatically, and all your firewalls will be up to date.

#4 You’re Not as Efficient as You Should Be –
Is your help desk inundated with requests? Are users complaining about slow IT service?  If you’re not meeting user demand, it’s not good for anyone. Slow IT response can squash efficiency and frustrate internal and external stakeholders. What’s more, bottlenecks can kill business initiatives and lead to downtime that hurts revenue. A skilled MSP can be used to offload tasks as your bandwidth becomes stretched. 

#5 You Lack Certain Expertise
No one’s an expert in every area, and this is especially true with a small IT department.  Yet it’s notoriously difficult to find skilled, qualified IT professionals. 

It may be tempting to use contract workers as a stop-gap, but it takes time to find and train temp workers, and it’s difficult to find ones that have the exact skills you need for a project. An MSP, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to supplement your staff as needed. 

STEADfast can help free you from necessary, but time-consuming IT tasks like monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. You’ll be free to focus the right people and resources on the right things. Your strategic initiatives will fall into place, all while increasing efficiency and productivity. Feel the power of STEADfast IT today!

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