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Our Core Values

Thank you for visiting Steadfast IT. I encourage you to tour our website and explore the services we provide.

Technology is dynamic and our industry is constantly changing. Innovation offers new ways for businesses to provide better service, however adapting to new technologies can just as easily overwhelm. Technology should enhance your business experience, not inundate it.

When it comes to IT there are two competing priorities: long-term, highly specialized needs, and simple glitches that will halt business until they are resolved. We understand that there is no such thing as a 15-minute conversation. While fixing a printer or finding a deleted file is urgent, it detracts from strategic needs like upgrading the company wifi, or major server overhauls.

Steadfast IT has the capacity to manage both.

First, we’re familiar with the barrage of small setbacks that destabilize operations. Our helpful engineers are available to walk through any issue and have been trained to assist from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

We also know that responsiveness affects your business: if you are not contacted by an engineer within 60 minutes of submitting a request, an alert goes directly to management’s cell phone.

Second, our STEADfast engineers have developed advanced information systems that improve upon best practices in our industry to be even more efficient. We stay ahead of the technological curve so that you can focus on core business.

After 30 years of entrepreneurship and 5 successful start-up companies, there are two questions to which I continually return. The first is: How do we help other small businesses flourish? And the second: How do we improve the work-flow process to increase productivity and output?

Now, with Steadfast IT, we are committed to doing both.

Please, contact us today at (518) 581-7200. We will be glad to assist.


Craig Skevington, PhD
President and CEO

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