Data. It’s one of your most important assets yet so many businesses we talk to don’t have a reliable or consistent backup solution. 

Having a solid backup solution in place is critical yet so many companies we talk to are unaware, unsure and likely unprotected.  

The good news is that we’re here to help you determine exactly what your needs are, and help you implement a reliable backup solution based on your unique situation – before it’s too late! 

The first part of implementing a backup strategy is to look at what it means to take reliable backups of your data. 

What is a reliable backup?

A reliable backup is one that you can count on if for some reason your network or infrastructure is damaged or fails or you fall victim to a cybersecurity threat. Of course we always hope for the best, but a reliable backup solution will ensure that you are prepared for the worst. And in this day and age, it’s not a matter of IF it will happen, but WHEN. 

A reliable backup means that in the event of a data loss scenario, all of the data should be able to be recovered, and in a usable format. The backup needs to be relevant, available, and secure.  

Your business will have different needs based on the amount of data, the size of your company,  and a variety of other factors. Some companies need a comprehensive data backup solution that backs up every single file on their network, while others may need only specific parts backed up. Either way, determining a reliable solution is paramount.

Here are some data backup considerations: 

  • A hard drive based backup system is a good starting point. You can connect an external hard drive or a network-based storage device. This backup can work while you’re working, as well as provide a physical copy of your data. The main advantage of this is so that it can be restored quickly. 
  • Backup speed is important but recovery speed is where your data backup solution proves its worth. In the event of a system crash or disaster, how fast can critical data be recovered and accessed? Because our data center is located in Saratoga Springs, NY, rest assured your data will be recovered and accessed much quicker than an off-shore solution. 
  • Make copies of data at intervals: Your data backup solution will need to take backups at certain intervals. Depending on the solution, you should be aiming for at least every 15 minutes.
  • Ensure verification: Your data backups are useless if they don’t work. Make sure that you regularly test your backups and make sure that you have a solution that gives you positive or negative verification to keep you in the loop about the effectiveness of your backup.

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