We often work with companies who have never had IT support before. They felt it was unnecessary. They had “a guy” whom they could call if something wasn’t working right. There was an employee who took on the role of “tech support”. Or they simply didn’t even realize that managed IT support meant more than fixing a broken computer. 

At STEADfast, we offer managed IT support- with an emphasis on the word managed. What does that mean exactly? That means you have a team of top tech talent who is continually monitoring and managing your computers and network. Often times our team can detect and correct a problem even before it becomes troublesome to you! And in the event that something really doesn’t work, you have an expert person to call.  

If your company is growing or even anticipating growth in the near future, consider moving to a managed IT support solution. Trust us, you'll be glad you did. 

3 Reasons Why Growing Companies NEED Managed IT Support: 

#1: Continued & Consistent Support.

Our team is an extension of your company and here to support you. We’ll proactively deal with issues before they become problematic. We’ll advise you on any necessary hardware or software upgrades. We’ll ensure your network and devices have maximum uptime. In short, we make sure you can focus on your business and not on technology. 

 #2: A Trusted Team of Experts.

Why hire one IT person internally when you can have access to our entire team of experts – all for a fraction of the price? It’s true! Our dedicated team will take the time to get to know the nuances of your business and your team. As such, we can provide better and more customized service than a “break it, fix it” model. 

 #3: Safety & Security. 

​Ensuring that your business’ sensitive information is secure is even more important today than it ever was. Deciding to keep your IT managed means that our team will be proactively monitoring your network to ensure that sensitive information is kept safe, hackers will be kept out.

When it comes to running and growing your business, managed IT support is likely not the first thing on your mind. Similar to insurance, you don’t need it all the time, but when you do, you’re extremely glad you have it.

STEADfast IT can provide that tech ASSURANCE your growing business needs to thrive. 

STEADfast IT is the highest rated Managed Services Provider in the Northeast

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