It's not WHAT we do, it's HOW we do it.  

Here at STEADfast, we won't try to force you into a 'one size fits all' package. We'll dive deep and uncover exactly what your needs are and put together a detailed technology plan based on the data we receive both from you, and from our own assessments. 

Often the first step in understanding your needs is to perform a comprehensive IT Network Assessment. This will enable us to get a better look at your network infrastructure and developed a IT managed services plan that fits all of your needs. An IT network assessment will provide detailed insight on your business servers, networks and security. 

Knowing more about your network will help your business plan for growth and will highlight any potential issues or security vulnerabilities.

By scanning your network, servers and workstations for any performance or security issues, STEADfast IT can deliver comprehensive insight into your IT infrastructure and develop a technology plan to fit your needs. 

With our IT Network Assessment, you will:

  • Identify problems with your current IT infrastructure
  • Gain valuable insight into security risks 
  • Uncover external vulnerabilities
  • Understand applications and performance on your network
  • Identify best practices
  • Begin the process of protecting your critical data and IT network infrastructure security

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