According to several studies, less than 30% of individuals use two-factor authentication. (2FA)Given that there are now tens of thousands of hackers out there working around the clock to abscond with someone else’s information your participation in your own system security is critical. We’ve talked about the ease of not clicking links that you don’t know, today we are going to talk about 2FA.Yes, this process takes just a few more seconds to get signed in but the security of a 2FA system far outweighs the time/aggravation you might feel when signing in. This methodology virtually eliminates the ability to hack one’s account or information. Think of Amazon in this instance. When I sign into my Amazon account they text a code to my cell phone to ensure that I am the one signing in. Personally, I would not give up this kind of security now that I have been using it AND I myself was hacked a little over a year ago via an online supplier that had been hacked previously.As a trusted managed service provider we cannot stress the importance of 2FA, it’s really a necessity in today’s world; unless you want to go thru the hell of having your information out on the dark web.Managed support services
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