In today’s hectic world of ever-advancing technology and a non-stop news cycle, it can feel like we are losing our humanity when it comes to basic human kindness and empathy. Then John walks into my office and tells me about this super cool new program where sighted volunteers lend their eyes to solve tasks big and small to help blind and low vision people lead more independent lives.

The name of the app is Be My Eyes and it’s a simple download with more than 1.3 million volunteers serving close to 100K individuals. A person that is sight challenged can activate the app, point their iPhone+ at a row of canned goods in a grocery store and receive immediate assistance from a volunteer that gets an alert and ‘looks’ at the grocery shelf for them. Two-way communication is automatically established and the problem is solved. Brilliant!

At STEADfast we encourage our team members to get involved and donate their time or money to non-profits that they are passionate about. We feel this community connection recharges our batteries and gives us a stronger sense of purpose. John is one of the most recent participants in the program and this bit of news made our day.



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