We are officially back to business here at STEADfast and we want to share with you some important insights we have learned via our interviews with multiple customers. Yes, they were willing to sit down and answer questions willingly; thank you!

It was important for us to understand the hesitancy that many decision makers have around IT support/services. Whether you are a CFO or business owner it’s clear that what we do to protect your business and keep you productive is unclear at times. It’s also a bit intimidating when you are thinking about making a change; many are under the impression that changing from one IT service provider to another is going to be a nightmare. This could not be further from the truth with most providers, always ask what your new provider’s process will be to switch you over to their service. Be sure you understand the steps involved, they should be minimal and easy to accomplish. Finally, since most do not understand all that much about IT support they are afraid they are being taken advantage of. Our recommendation on this point comes down to trust; do you trust them? Have their current clients expressed their point of view via public reviews? This is a very personal decision one must make and it’s a critical one.

Without trust in your provider, what does one have?  

IT Support

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