How we work with Internal IT Teams:

Does your company already have an internal IT department or team? In our experience, we’ve found that even with a dedicated IT staff, sometimes it’s not enough. 

Managing the day-to-day IT operations of a business of any size can challenge staff and current skill set despite your IT team’s best efforts. Staff turnover, unexpected business growth or expansion, cyber security threats, and a myriad of other external factors can impact even the best IT team. 

Our STEADfast IT Technology Management team will work directly with your in-house IT staff to fill in the gaps; wherever they occur.

There are two major areas of concern for most in-house IT staff. The first area is end-user support. Sally’s printer won’t connect to the network. Lisa needs help with her VPN connection while working remotely. David’s new hire starts on Monday and needs to be on-boarded. If your internal IT team is keeping up with end-user support, well done! However, that might mean that the second area of concern: strategic planning and special projects might be slipping by the wayside. 

STEADfast has been able to offer supplemental IT support for many internal IT teams and have created a simplified technology solution that is more cost-effective and sustainable. 

Our services could include taking over the end-user support so the internal team could focus on strategic planning and implementation OR leaving the end-user support to the in-house team, and offering IT consultation and project planning/management. 

We fill in the gaps to make your IT department more efficient, cost-effective, and overall, more successful.

The first step to discover what your needs are with our IT Network Assessment. 

An Network Assessment can:

  • Identify problems with your current IT infrastructure
  • Give you valuable insight into security risks 
  • Uncover external vulnerabilities
  • Understand applications and performance on your network
  • Identify best practices
  • Begin the process of protecting your critical data and IT network infrastructure security

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