Managed Service Provider

Long Term Clients

Trying to make the best decisions for your business is always tough. In today’s world of MSP’s the choices are overwhelming and many of our current clients were burned in the past by other providers. For the experienced individual that can really drill down on the right questions to ask what the provider is NOT saying is just as important as what they are telling you.

Here are a couple of questions that everyone should ask of a potential managed service provider: “What kind of service level can I expect and how do I know if I am going to get it?”  Specifically, how do they handle ticket requests? Are your service requests filed into a level 1/level 2 kind of system or something far more responsive and dynamic? How do you gauge competency when it comes to security? Yes, everyone is doing backups but are they encrypted before data ever leaves your computer? What is the backup to the backup server system that your provider is using? Are they themselves backed up? What is their security protocol in the event of lost power?

Answering these questions in detail will help you make the right decision in choosing a long-term managed service provider.