Many of our competitors tout their security credentials so we decided to take a look at that.

Google Chrome unveiled plans for 2017 that will attempt to make the Internet a safer place. Starting in late January 2017, Google Chrome’s new security update will flag insecure websites in a more pronounced manner so users are well aware whether they are using a risky site. If a website is secure, it will support a URL that begins with “https://” rather than just “http://.” The extra “s” indicates that the website follows the Security Sockets Layer (SSL) standard, which adds an extra dimension of security.

After reserching the topic among our competitors we found that approx. 60% of the Capitol Region MSP’s have not secured their own sites. How can they expect to secure your site/data/information when they are not secure themselves??? It really kind of boggles the mind.

Now, here is our secure website:

Managed Service Provider

Secure URL






Clearly, STEADfast has gone the extra mile to ensure that our site is conforming to the latest in SSL security and the green lock signals that we are safety certified. Now, who would you trust with your business?