Managed IT services

‘Outsourced does not mean off-shore w/STEADfast IT. Home base, New York.

Why should I outsource? Is outsourcing a good idea?


These are two variations of the most-asked question I receive. Other forms include, What will outsourcing do for my business?

My answer is this: outsourcing is a business model. It is not inherently good or bad. When done wisely, outsourcing has benefits that yield high returns. But it must be done wisely.


For a large company, outsourcing reduces the cost of hiring an in-house team, translating to a more competitive pricing structure for your clients.  For small or start-up businesses, outsourcing is a way to delegate responsibilities that would otherwise overwhelm your resources, saving you time and energy that is critical to your growth.

Technological support, or IT, is one area where outsourced industry that has the potential for significant benefit.  Because IT is an inward-facing operation, you don’t risk losing control of client-interaction and quality assurances. At SteadfastIT, 83% of the issues we receive can be resolved remotely, over the phone. That’s 83% of work that doesn’t actually require a person to be at your office to respond all of the time.  And when you do need someone on-site we dispatch highly-specialized technicians right to your door.

The challenge for your business is not about deciding whether outsourcing is good or bad, but knowing whether it’s right for you.  We will work with you to develop a clear understanding of your IT needs and develop a plan that increases employee productivity and overall efficiency.