A few years back we were competing for a client, one of our main competitors was in the final running and we were a bit nervous that we would not land the account.

After several discussions around goals and needs, Craig, our CEO, was asked to give an evaluation of immediate needs and what those costs would be. He invested a good amount of his own time and came back to them with an honest recommendation based on his decades of experience. Little did we know at that time but Craig’s insight led to a proposal that was $400,000 LESS than what our main competitor had recommended. It’s not that Craig was cutting corners, quite the opposite. He was building out a system based on their needs, not ours! That single client has sent us numerous new clients and we approach every one of these accounts in the same manner. What do you need to meet your goals, keep your systems safe and your employees productive?

It’s pretty simple really; when you deliver the IT support that you have promised your business grows organically via all of those referrals. It’s all about trust. 





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