The Risks – This is IMPORTANT!


  •   Some IT functions are not easily outsourced.  IT affects an entire organization; from the simple tasks employees do every day to the complex automated aspects. Be sure the outside vendor is qualified to take care of your greatest needs.


  •   Control may be lost.  Critics argue that an outside vendor will never be as effective as a full-time employee who is under the same management as other employees. Other concerns include confidentiality of data and disaster recovery. However, a supervisor that is knowledgeable in managing an IT staff member will usually be required. (good time to ask about encryption)


  •  Employee morale may be affected.  This is particularly true if you will be laying off employees to replace their job functions with an outsourced firm.   Other employees may wonder if their job is at risk, too.


  •  You may get “locked in.”  If the vendor does not document their work on your network and system, you may feel like you can’t go anywhere else or take back your network.


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