What is your mobile security plan? Many businesses do not have one, even as these devices become increasingly common in the workplace. Why are they so popular among employees? With larger screens and greater speed, these devices are beginning to perform well enough to support many day-to-day business tasks. With the move to cloud services and greater device storage capacity, many workers do not need to rely on a heavy desktop set up, and they can now enjoy the efficiency that comes with being able to work from anywhere.

New technologies are more convenient for you and your team, but did you know they also create new opportunities for hackers to strike? Security does not always keep pace with innovation, and malicious actors learn quickly. Hackers have caught on to the growing popularity of mobile devices in the workplace, and mobile malware attacks are now a significant threat to your business. Your workforce may know how to recognize traditional desktop threats, like pop-ups and phishing emails, but users tend to be less vigilant about security on their mobile devices, which is exactly what the hackers are counting on.

These days, mobile security must be one of the cornerstones of your business IT strategy. Are you and your team prepared to manage the risk? Cybersecurity can be an overwhelming world to navigate, and the threats are always changing — it’s time to get the highest rated Managed Service Provider in the Northeast on your side.

You don’t have to face these threats alone. STEADfast IT can help you protect your business in the face of mobile attacks.

In fact, we are ready to begin helping your business even before you contact us, so here are cybersecurity steps your workforce can take today:

  1. Provide employees with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) they are required to connect to when working remotely. Public WIFI networks are not secure.
  2. Take extra precautions to lock your devices. Use longer passcodes that avoid clichés like birthdays, anniversaries, and phone numbers, and utilize features like TouchID and multi-factor authentication.
  3. Require workplace mobile devices to be updated with the latest patches as soon as they become available. These patches often contain critical security fixes.

These are just the first steps. Contact STEADfast IT and we will work together to create a mobile plan that makes everything easier on you, and puts your mind at ease. Do you want your mobile device software to update automatically? We can handle that. Need help setting up a VPN? Call STEADfast IT.

In addition to mobile security, have you considered mobile support? Just as your team may need help with the printer that isn’t recognizing your requests, or a desktop that suddenly won’t turn on, your mobile devices will sometimes fail you. When that happens, you can turn to STEADfast IT for the same fast support we give you for your entire IT system. We will take care of keeping up with the latest IT trends so that you can focus on your business.

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