Here in IT support world we talk a great deal about our around the clock capabilities; 24/7 monitoring, patching, encrypted backups and an ultra-responsive help desk. Some of these items are handled via our automated processes, some are handled via a team of engineers. 

As humans it’s impossible for us to work around the clock, heck, it’s virtually impossible to work non-stop in an 8 hour work day and maintain a high level of productivity. We live by a circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle of expending energy and then renewing energy via sleep. If we look at how we can be more productive the data just might surprise you. 

It’s been proven that an intense focus where you give 100% of yourself to a project should last about 90 – 120 minutes. At that point, you need to rest and fully disengage for 20 minutes or so. Go for a walk, meditate or play with the dog. Do something that allows your brain to regroup before going back and giving it your all for another burst of intense focus. If we listen to the natural rhythm of our bodies and brain we will watch our own personal productivity sky-rocket. 

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