Given the current environment and public health concerns, it’s likely you are hurriedly implementing plans to enable your employees to work remotely, raising real questions about how to ensure productivity while minimizing risks to your network and data.

If you would like to understand and evaluate your options, or simply get a second opinion on your current plans, please feel free to contact us.

Over the years, we've developed a distinct expertise managing technologies for organizations with multiple locations and numerous remote employees.  In fact, we operate our own business, every day,  as if we were all remote.  This helps maximize our flexibility and resiliency because where we are located has no effect on the way we work.

Organizations with multiple locations or remote employees face unique challenges:

  • Network and data security are hard enough when everyone is inside the controlled office environment. What do I put in place to maintain security when employees are connecting remotely on unknown networks and devices?
  • What devices, connectivity and tools are needed for employees to be truly productive?
  • How do I maintain the informal employee interactions and collaboration that my business depends on to operate?
  • How will I know if my business is functioning properly before any potential financial impact?

The good news is, you can securely integrate and optimize your devices, infrastructure and telephony for remote operations. In addition, there are many technologies that can be effectively used to foster employee interaction, effectiveness, and productivity.

Here is a look at how we address some of these issues with our own clients:

Vendor Management

Cyber Security Protection

Hardware Management

Software Management

Employee On & Off Boarding

Extended Support Hours

To discuss your organization's unique needs and evaluate options for enabling and supporting your remote employees, please feel free to contact us.

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