Businesses with multiple office locations or with a large percentage of the workforce in the field or remote face a number of unique challenges when it comes to technology management. The truth is, even companies with single office locations face challenges so managing an infrastructure that spans geographically requires a particular set of skills. 

Unlike single-location businesses, multi location businesses have the added challenges of:

  • Managing technology at different office locations
  • Providing quality IT support to field or remote workers
  • Developing a secure network infrastructure for a distributed workforce  
  • Handling multiple tech vendors at each office location

Keeping your employees, customers and business safe while working in multiple office locations isn’t difficult, but it does require the expertise of an IT professional. STEADfast IT offers a proprietary service specifically designed to address these challenges and provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution. 

Take a look at how we address the following areas of concern:

Vendor Management

Cybersecurity/ Communication

Hardware Management

Software Management

Employee On/Off Boarding

Extended Support Hours

If you have a single office location with 10 employees or are managing multiple office locations with dozens of employees each, STEADfast IT has a technology management solution for you. 

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