We wanted you to get to know our team a little better!
Here's 5 Questions with Duane Crosbie,  Support Engineer at STEADfast.

#1: What's your name and title? 

My name is Duane Crosbie and I am a Support Engineer here at STEADfast IT.  

#2: What do you enjoy about the work you do at STEADfast?

I truly enjoy helping people. It makes me feel good to hear the sound of relief in a customers' voice when I solve an issue that has been ruining their day.

#3: What is one piece of tech advice you would give a customer or friend? 

Don't use the same password for multiple 
websites and applications. If you were to ever get hacked, that person could have access to everything. 

#4: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy going to the gym, board gaming and live music. 

#5: What's your favorite book or movie? 

My favorite book is the Lord of the Rings series and my favorite movie is Star Wars. 

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