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Why STEADfast?

Our Response Time Can’t Be Beat

STEADfast has a mission to revolutionize how IT experiences are created. Our focus on the human connection and a proprietary process developed in-house, combine to create a new, higher standard for IT service delivery. We employ two separate, distinct teams to address employee needs accordingly. Our internal team resolves more than 90% of ticket requests the same business day; we are your ticket emergency room to keep team members up and running. STEADfast‘s external team focuses on longer-term projects; installation of servers, assessments, and installation. 

So, why should you make the move to STEADfast?

Speed of Service
STEADfast engineers handle requests in real time with a dedicated internal team focused solely on employee support. No answering service, no ticket queue; just an old-fashioned level of service people used to expect and enjoy. Your immediate resolution is our satisfaction.

Two Distinct Teams Working Together
STEADfast employs a dedicated internal team to manage the day to day struggles involving end-user support and urgency. This is the teams only responsibility, to resolve your problem remotely and immediately. More than 92% of tickets are resolved the same business day.        

Our external team deals with the on-site resolution along with an assessment of your system’s overall health and performance. Technology changes every single day; we stay up to date so that you don’t have to.

We offer a suite of services that keep your team up and running; we disrupt the break/fix cycle that so many find themselves in by proactively monitoring your systems 24/7. This methodology produces more internal tickets than external, meaning, we fix problems before you even know that you have them.

The Human Connection
STEADfast focuses on the needs of the individual and our engineers are highly trained to provide a white glove user experience unmatched by our competitors. Internal focus; put people first.

Onboarding is a Snap
The transition to our STEADfast Managed IT Support Services is easy, with no required disruptions to your employees and can happen over the course of an afternoon.

STEADfast IT –
Our customers include titans in construction, manufacturing, and hospitality.  We also help the small business owner that builds custom boats or is the local Innkeeper. Contact us for an assessment based on your needs.

We resolve more than 92% of our client’s issues the same business day via remote support.


The Highlights

30 Minute Rapid Response Promise
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Mobile Device Protection
Internal Alerts
Easy Installation
Worry-free Backups and Upgrades
Based in Saratoga Springs, NY – No Outsourcing
Advanced Planning with our Virtual CIO

STEADfast IT Stays TRU To Our Customers

Trusted. Responsive. Unique.



Unlimited Remote Support

Email and Communications

Work-from-Anywhere Mobility

Secure Wireless Networking

Data Backup and Restore

Network Security

Disaster Recovery

Server Management and Support

Robust Network Hardware

Scheduled Proactive Patching and Optimization

Asset Management and Monitoring

Documentation and Business Intelligence

IT Management and Security Policies