Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Support Services – WHY US

Why STEADfast?

STEADfastIT   provides superior, managed IT support services. We deal with tickets in real time with real techs; this is just one aspect of the proprietary system we have built to manage your technology so that you can focus on the larger issues facing your business. The device is not nearly as important as the people using them, hence, our dedication to service via our Swift Ticket Resolution Station (STRS). All of STEADfast’s techs are highly trained, vetted and insured. We have a dedicated, internal team awaiting your call, our ability to proactively monitor your system is unmatched by our competition.

Our team can also act as your outsourced CIO, saving you both time and money via a forward-looking plan to eliminate a budget line item surprise.

So, why should you make the move to our proprietary process?

We lower IT Costs with a Predictable, Scalable Budget
STEADfastIT can cut costs versus an in-house IT person/team. With managed IT support, our services are priced per employee with a fixed monthly fee and unlimited remote support

We Provide Superior Support with Rapid Remote and Reliable On-Site Service
Our trained technicians that answer your call outperform the competition with superior support which is all located in-house in Saratoga Springs, NY. Currently, we resolve approx. 83% of customer issues with rapid response remote support.

Broad Scope of Knowledge
STEADfast’s team has a vast knowledge of all things IT. Our techs have training and experience that cannot be replaced with a single hire or small team. Why work with one individual when you can have a team of experts at your fingertips?

Coverage For All.
We are less concerned with the device and more concerned with the customer.  Bottom line; we put people first! STEADfastIT is capable of supporting all of your employee’s devices, from PC and Mac to phones, tablets or laptops.

Want more data? Need more insight? Would you like a customized dashboard? We provide real-time reporting on backups, system availability, hardware and software inventory, vendors, projects, tickets, and more. Our proprietary software does all the heavy lifting. It’s your system; you’ve got a right to know if it’s working to your specifications.

Security and Policy
STEADfastIT protects your entire network against spam, viruses, intrusion, malware, and various other hazards allowing your employees to work seamlessly and receive support when they expect it.  We also provide a full set of IT policies to keep your business compliant and all licenses up to date.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Data safety keeping you awake at night? We guarantee that your data is backed up safely – we encrypt your data before it ever leaves your computer and is then stored in our secure data center located in Saratoga Springs, NY. No one ever sees your data but you.

How Long Does It Take To Onboard?
The transition to our Managed IT Support Services is easy, with no required disruptions to your employees and can happen over the course of an afternoon.

Our customers include titans in construction, manufacturing, and hospitality.  We also help the small business owner that builds custom boats or is the local Innkeeper. Contact us for a full proposal of our managed IT support services or, our virtual CIO capabilities.

The Highlights

30 Minute Rapid Response Promise
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Mobile Device Protection
Internal Alerts
Easy Installation
Worry-free Backups and Upgrades
Based in Saratoga Springs, NY – No Outsourcing
Advanced Planning with our Virtual CIO

STEADfastIT Stays TRU To Our Customers

Trusted. Responsive. Unique.



Unlimited Remote Support

Email and Communications

Work-from-Anywhere Mobility

Secure Wireless Networking

Data Backup and Restore

Network Security

Disaster Recovery

Server Management and Support

Robust Network Hardware

Scheduled Proactive Patching and Optimization

Asset Management and Monitoring

Documentation and Business Intelligence

IT Management and Security Policies