What to look for in a managed service provider: Ask if they have other customers or businesses that are similar to what your business specializes in. (lawyer to lawyer) Do they have experience in the kind of applications that you use? Ask them how they handle your issue? Ask them to walk you thru their process of an incoming ticket that needs servicing. When something happens how do you submit a ticket? Do you call or email? What happens when you do that? What is set in motion? Do they have the ability to recognize a problem before you have an issue? How do they do that? What kind of issues do they monitor? What’s the scope of what they can take of for you? Servers? Networks? New hardware? Here at SteadfastIT, we’re not focused on the device, we are focused on you the customer. It’s our job to take care of you. Need excel spreadsheet help? We do that. Can’t connect to the internet? We will figure out the problem. We provide a much broader responsibility than a typical MSP would cover. Give us a call to understand the difference STEADfastIT makes.   Are onsite calls part of your Managed IT services solution? Many IT service providers will give you several options in terms of managed services. Do they provide unlimited remote support under a fixed monthly fee? If they must come to your place of business how is that billed? Are your backups tracked and encrypted? If a backup fails or a virus makes its way into your system will your IT provider fix it for free? Who will have access to my business data? A great number of IT outsourcing companies do not encrypt your data before it leaves your computer, this is very dangerous. With STEADfastIT your secured information remains secure, no one sees that information. We do back-ups to our data center in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY and your data is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer. We do not share any information with anyone, ever. Where will my data be stored? At our secured data center in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY that is climate controlled with generator back-up and multiple bandwidth providers for redundancy. Both the building and data center are secured.   Virtual CIO for planning and strategy around your company’s needs and system fulfillment.