STEADfast’s Cloud Services features all of the safety and security of any major cloud computing provider with one main difference: You always know where your data is. 

Our Saratoga Springs Data Center features all of the critical components necessary to ensure you receive reliability, redundancy, speed, real-time backup,  security, and overall peace of mind. 

So what makes our Cloud Services better than the rest?



Rather than building and maintaining your own data center to house servers, storage and networking equipment, consider placing them in our hands. At the STEADfast Data Center, you'll get a reliable, secure environment for critical business systems, with maximum uptime and reduced operational exposure.

DIsaster REcovery

In case of that unexpected emergency, having your data stored in a cloud environment is one of the best ways to help ensure disaster recovery and business continuity.  Storing your company’s information in the cloud helps you regain access to lost data and documents.

VIrtual server hosting

With our virtual server hosting, we will reduce your physical infrastructure costs, consolidate servers and optimize infrastructure, improve operational flexibility and responsiveness, increase application availability and improve business continuity, and enhance manageability and security.

An afordable solution

Hosting your own servers gets costly and can be a huge liability for your company. Partnering with STEADfast ensures that your data is safe, and you have access to our entire team of business technology experts for a fraction of the cost of an IT team or department.

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STEADfast IT is the Highest Rated 

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You run your business. We'll run your technology.

STEADfast IT provides a complete range of technology management solutions for the modern business including but not limited to: managed IT solutions, telephony services, cloud services and network infrastructure services. We are changing the standard of technology management with our own proprietary software that is developed with one primary goal: improving response time. Our average response time to a support ticket is 8 minutes compared to the industry standard of 4-5 hours. STEADfast IT is proud to be the most highly rated Technology Management Provider in the Capital Region.

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